Happy National Proofreading Day

How to quickly check for grammatical errors


March 8th is National Proofreading Day. This day was created to bring awareness to the importance of correct grammar usage through proofreading.

Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

The truth is, there’s a lot of online content that could use some proofreading.

Here are 5 Most Common Grammatical Errors  and  here are some funnier ones.

It’s a good time to review your website and blog content to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.

I know, checking grammar isn’t the most exciting task in the world, so here are some tools to make it easier and a little more fun:

Claims to be the world’s most accurate grammar checker, and it’s free.

Microsoft Word
Here are some instructions on how to use the tools you already have.

Grammar Check
A free online editor and grammar checker.

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Check these resources out and let’s celebrate #NationalProofreadingDay by finding and fixing some of the grammatical errors.

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