Websites running PHP need to be compatible with PHP 7.1+ before PHP 5.6 & 7.0 end of life in December 2018. 

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PHP 7 introduced a lot of changes to PHP, including library and function changes.

Older PHP 5 code and web applications may not always run on PHP 7 servers without code modifications.

After December 2018 PHP 5.6 will no longer get security updates, leaving your website or application out of date and vulnerable.

We get it working!

We get your older code, frameworks, WordPress themes working on the newer versions of PHP without breaking functionality.  

01. Older PHP Framework

If your application is running on an older framework like Laravel 4, Smarty 2, CodeIgniter 2, Symfony 2 or CakePHP 2. 

02. Older Custom Code

We upgrade older code using mysql, mcrypt and any other deprecated functions and syntax.

03. WordPress Themes

Older WordPress Themes that are not compatible with PHP7 will require theme changes. 

04. Migration Assistance

Running on an older server that doesn't support the latest version of PHP? We'll help migrate. 

What are the dates?

PHP Releases

Security Fixes ended for PHP 5.6 on December 31, 2018. 
Security Fixes ended for PHP 7.0 on December 1, 2018. 
PHP version 5.5 or older are already End of life. 

How long is your version of PHP Supported?




Our Support Team Can Help.

Contact us and we can help determine which version of PHP your website or application is running and work with you or your team to determine what the next steps are. 

Why choose us?

We've worked with hundreds of website and know how to find and fix the incompatible code.  


We find out more about your website, business, and application. 

Code Review

Our expert programmers review your code and run tests to determine compatibility and potential issues. 

PHP Upgrade

We update, rewrite, and upgrade the code and libraries to be completely compatible with the latest version of PHP 7.x. 



We test your application against top security vulnerabilities for complete hardening.


Your website will be deployed to the new version of PHP without any downtime or business interruptions. 


We continue to work with you to make sure everything continues to run trouble-free.


Don't Wait!

Contact us to get a completely free, no obligation code review.

Frequently Asked Questions

"End-of-Life" (EOL) for a product means that the developer will no longer support the product. It's been out for long enough that an upgrade is required. In the case of PHP it means that the there will not be any feature changes or security updates. So, if there is a security issue in PHP or any of its libraries, it won't be fixed. 

Yes. As long as you remain on the same version of PHP the code was intended to run on, it will continue to run. We highly recommend not doing that. Keeping old version of code and software may eventually catch up to you. If any existing or future discovered vulnerabilities are discovered a fix will not be available. This could potentially leave the application, data and server at risk.

Security is an on-going process and policy. Typically PHP releases minor updates almost monthly. It's recommended to perform these updates on the server and keep the server up to date. Don't run unsupported versions of PHP. 

Code typically doesn't need to be updated unless there was a major release or functionality changed that may break the application. Major releases are between 5 and 7 (there was no PHP 6) and previous version to PHP 5.6. 

It depends on the how much code will break between versions. If you are using a lot of outdated or deprecated code the more code changes will need to be made, which costs more money. 

Sometimes, no or minor code changes are required. We can run tests on the code to make sure it will continue running and function normally in the new version of PHP

Maybe. It depends on the code. If the code has any backward incompatible code, then coding changes may be needed. 

You can try the server upgrade and fully test the application. If anything doesn't function normally, then call a developer. We can help. You can always revert back to the old version of PHP while awaiting the code changes to be completed. 

This is fine if you have a WordPress Blog or small website. If you are running a mission-critical application and can't afford to be down, I recommend having some testing done outside of the production server before flipping the switch. 

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Upgrading PHP in 2018


Upgrading PHP in 2018

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