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7 Steps to Getting More Customers Online

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How We Can Help You

Social Media

As marketers and business owners, this is a huge opportunity to locate and target the right customers. We'll help you take advantage of all the right social media channels that make sense for your business and which don't. We work with client on content and manage the posting of approved content to the blog, and all the social channels so your social media is active and doesn't appear abandoned.

Video Marketing

Video usage on the web is growing. You only have a few seconds to get your message to the visitor before they leave your site. Video may be the right way to reach your customers, grab their attention and may make the difference between a bounce or a lead or sale. Videos can clearly communicate to the visitor your business and benefit.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are laser-focused pages typically used for social media and paid marketing campaigns. These pages are designed to quickly communicate the benefits and convert the visitor to do the desired action on the page, which may be a sign-up, lead, or sale.  We often create landing pages as part of our PPC Advertising campaigns for our clients.

Blogging & Content

Content is king. Well, at least, it's important. Having the right content and the right amount of content can drive up search engine ranking in popular search engines and help you get found online. It also provides valuable content to your visitor and is a great opportunity to educate. We know you always intended to get add more blog current. We can help.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, newsletters and offers are a critical part of staying in touch with your visitors, existing customers, and potential new customers. Reinforce your brand and drive traffic with Email Marketing.

Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will very quickly drive a lot of traffic to your site. Before you go it alone, make sure you have expert help in designing and implementing your paid marketing and re-marketing campaigns so you get the high return on your investment.

Lead Generation

Where are your leads coming from? What does your lead funnel look like? Is there room for improvement or missing opportunities? Let's talk and we can help you optimize your sales funnel to capture and nurture the leads. Funnels seem complex but don't need to be. We can break them down and usually consist of a combination of platforms and elements.

Analytics & Reporting

Any marketing will not make sense without solid facts and numbers behind it. You need to know how each campaign performed in order to improve and optimize. Only through measuring and making changes based on solid data measurable data is improvement achieved.  Don't launch marketing campaigns and hope they work. We'll explain the data and analytics which will help you make informed and intelligent decisions about your marketing.