Concerned About Data Security?

You should be.

Vulnerabilities are all around us.  Whether you have a WordPress site, a web application or an e-commerce site, data security should be a concern. If your website contains customer data or credit card information, it needs to be secure and protected.

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WordPress Updates

WordPress, themes, and plug-ins require regular updates to remain secure. Remain secure with Managed WordPress hosting.

Security Management

We'll set up a secure server and network. Then keep everything secure with regular updates and monitoring. 

Security Fixes

Vulnerabilities or a hacked site? Hackers can steal customer data, defile your website and ruin your business reputation. 


Industries like health-care and anyone accepting and processing credit cards need to adhere to compliance regulations. These industry regulations require scans and specific levels or security. The cost of non-compliance or a security breach results in hefty fines and other consequences.

HIPAA Compliance

Protected Health Information (PHI) needs to be secured. We help secure your PHI with the right hosting and infrastructure.
HIPAA Privacy Rule

PCI Compliance

If your website takes credit cards, you need to make sure it's completely secure, scanned and certified by an approved scanning vendor.
PCI Compliance Guide

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