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Fully managed on-demand virtualized servers for web applications and web servers. In the cloud, fully accessible and always online.

Shared Architecture, but an isolated instance of operating system and software with dedicated resources. The best choice for small applications and on-demand applications.

Dedicated Instances are hardware isolated from any other instances and provide more control over hardware and security for organizations with regulatory requirements. Best for advanced security and large applications.


Fully managed database instances optimized for web applications memory and performance.

Relational MySQL
MySQL and PostgreSQL instances for web applications provide redundancy, high availability, reliability, and security. Select from fully managed instances and let us take care of all the management and administration.

Fully managed non-relational databases instances for caching and datastore, like Redis and Memcached. Perfect for blazing fast data for internet scale applications.


Virtual Private Cloud network to set up your web infrastructure. Fully managed and setup for you.

Auto Scaling and Load Balancing
Application monitoring and automatically adjust and scaling servers capacity to maintain predictable performance.

Redundancy for your web applications and database server. If an instance fails, additional servers will step-in and serve traffic. Don't rely on one point of failure.

Highest security to only allow permitted traffic, block malicious traffic and protect your network and infrastructure from DDOS and web application attacks.


Cost effective cloud-based file storage for any purpose. Fully managed and integrated into your applications and systems.

Fast Web Edge
Cloud storage for files, media, images, and just about any asset required by web applications. Secure and immediate access when needed.

Backup and Archive
Low-cost backup and archive storage for server, data, or file backup. Automated and fully managed for peace of mind.